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Trina has providing acupuncture for scars for nearly 20 years. Whether scars are due to self-harm, surgery, or accidental injury; recent or from two decades ago; located on a forearm or across the abdomen, scars can change. The appearance (skin tone, scar thickness, scar depth) and sensitivity (numbness or pain, mobility) can improve. Since experience lives in the body, treating the physical scar also treats the context and situation in which the scar occurred. There is cosmetic and emotional healing. Please note: the following "before" and "after" photos summarize 5-10 treatments.

Surgical Scar. Acupuncture lead to flattened skin, reduced numbness, and improved range of motion.

Accidental Injury: Acupuncture lead to improved wound healing, reduced swelling, and improved skin tone.

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