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Acupuncture Tools

Why should I try acupuncture?

You can obtain pain and stress relief in the same session with minimal side effects and no cross-drug interactions.


How long is an acupuncture session?

1/2 to one hour, depending on the complexity of the concerns.


How many sessions will it take to feel better?

On average, three sessions to notice changes in frequency, intensity, duration, and scope of symptom. Many folks report changes with one treatment.


Who can benefit from acupuncture?

Trina has treated kids in utero making their Moms nauseous through toddlers, teens, to folks in their 80s.


What are some common conditions you treat?
Mental health, physical injury, addiction, appetite and digestion, reproductive health, colds and allergies.


Why do you like treating scars?

Since experience lives in the body, treating the physical scar also treats the context and situation in which the scar occurred. There is cosmetic and emotional healing.


Can I bring a friend?

Parents & kids, couples, or even friend treatments are all welcome. (Please note: treatment fee is per person).

Do you work nights? Do I have to disrobe? Can I talk / how much do we need to talk?
Treatments until 8pm. Please stay clothed. We will do an intake — the rest of the discussion is up to you.

What's the best thing about acupuncture?

It is minimalist mind-body medicine. Give it a try!


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