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From Patients:

"Five years ago I had 17 surgeries in 3 1/2 months due to septic shock. My recovery has been long and painful. I was left with deep purple scars wrapping around my body. When I move, walk, sit, they felt like barbed wire ripping into me. My pain level was always between a 6-10. When I came to the hospital, it was for a suicide attempt. Enough was enough. I started with Trina. Not knowing anything about acupuncture, I showed her my scars, because she had mentioned her special training with them. It's really incredible that she has been able to change their color. They are white now. They also are not deep and tight. They have relaxed and are soft to the touch. They don't pull on me now. Before I could only walk through the grocery store and then I was done. Now! I am walking an hour each day outside and then doing the bike for 6 miles. Now I have 16-hour days. Before it was only 4 and then I was confined to bed, in pain. I wish I had known about this years ago. It would have made all the difference in the world. And it would have saved me from trying to take my life. Pain is depressing and exhausting, But thank you Trina! You have given me a new lease on life. And my children are so happy! You're the best! XO" M.J., USA

"Trina has been fantastic in her ability to improve my physical and mental health. In only 30 days, she restored my sprained knee tendon and had me back to Bikram yoga and running, activities that the injury had prevented me from doing. Over a two-month period, she also helped bolster my mood and take away my headaches! Also, as a side benefit, her needling of my head greatly reduced my forehead wrinkles in their size and depth. I hadn't known of this before, but Trina explained that this benefit is called cosmetic acupuncture. Trina also has a warm and positive presence, and so I looked forward to seeing her and talking with her. I highly recommend her - your time with her will be well spent!" M.L., USA

"Trina is a highly professional, excellent Western and Chinese acupuncturist, along with being a caring and kind and generous healer. I never thought an acupuncturist would be able to take my severe neck and shoulder pain - by inserting needles in my feet and hands. Anxiety points on the feet are always great - Trina, I love you!!!" F.S.T., Iran

"I had chronic Achilles tendon inflammation for over a year when I first visited Trina. At that time, Chinese medicine was new to me. It turned out that I needed to deal with some emotional blockages to heal the inflammation. After the first visit with acupuncture and talk, I could walk away from the clinic with no pain, and I was actually a little shocked by it. My visits to Trina in combination with diet and mental work led to the inflammation disappeared. With Trina Lion's knowledge and help, I have a new way of managing my body and mind. Last but not least, I look at life in the big perspective, the way I did not do before." E.W., Sweden

"I felt great after the acupuncture. With only one session my digestion improved remarkably." A.S., England

"Trina's dietary advice helped with my circulation problems and to reduce pain in my lower limbs. As a bonus I lost weight also." W.C-K., Australia

From Coaching Clients:

"Trina has deep insight into how the mind functions and the resulting behaviors. She was of enormous help in alleviating my anxiety and training me to cope with my anxiety. Trina is an extraordinary resource for one who needs coping skills and  to address training the brain to ’think ‘ positively and assisting in dealing with cognitive deficits." B.R., USA

"I was lucky enough to have Trina as an acupuncturist and art coach.  She is truly gifted and a unique spirit.  Positive energy flows from her—but she doesn’t shy away from offering sound advice for living a more fruitful and productive life.  The best way to say it that you can’t go wrong with Trina.  She is a blessing." D.D., USA

"I appreciate your energy, insight, good humor, and dedication.  You are one of a kind and offer a perspective I can incorporate into my everyday living. " A.W., USA 

From Students:

"My experience during class with Trina was very positive. Her strong confidence coupled with professionalism and powerful intuition brought up in me a feeling of unconditional trust, safety and deep relaxation. She brings years of experience and dedication to her professional practice. She deeply cares for the health and well being of her clients." J.F., France

"Trina's TCM lectures gave me so much knowledge about myself that now I can't imagine my life without TCM." T. T., Russia

"Trina has a great way of confidently simplifying complex TCM concepts. I left with a feeling of being able to convey these concepts myself. Thank you Trina!" C.K., Denmark


"Trina makes understanding the concept of managing health through TCM both logical and achievable.  Her lessons are fun to follow." M.S., Singapore


From Readers:

"Finding Health was like oxygen to me during my acupuncture studies." I.B., Romania

"Finding Health made me understand TCM even better. Trina has deep insight, knows people and cares for people, and her book is an eye opener on the subject." A.M.H.T., Norway 

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